El Dorado Hills Youth Basketball Inc. is a non-profit youth basketball program based in El Dorado Hills, California. Our mission is to provide an organized basketball program promoting fundamental basketball skills and sportsmanship to boys and girls grad

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At evaluations , the players are evaluated in various categories by the division coordinators . The division coordinators then add those scores up and use them to create teams. They place one highly rated guard and one highly rated post player on each team, and fill in the rest according to the scores, height, etc. While not a perfect science, for the past many years it has resulted in fairly balanced teams. However, not all players make it to evaluations, which leaves the division coordinator at a disadvantage in placing those kids, and it can upset the balance.

**JERSEY SIZE can be verified (or changed if necessary) at evaluations- we will have sample sizes to try on.


  • EVALUATION DATES: September 29th and 30th, October 4th and 5th: ATTEND 1 NIGHT ONLY

 **ALL REGISTERED AND WAIT-LISTED PLAYERS NEED TO EVALUATE.  REGISTRATION FEE must be paid in full to participate in evaluations. All spectators should wear a mask indoors, players will not be required to wear a mask during evaluations.

Each player must attend just ONE  evaluation session. Choose ONE  of the dates (listed above) and arrive at the age appropriate time slot. No need to sign-up for evaluations-just show up to 1 night of evaluations. 
Please arrive ON-TIME.  If you are late to and missed the appropriate age slort , you will need to come on another night 
 LOCATION of EVALUATIONS: Lake Forest Elementary School
·         5:30  (ends at 6:15pm) - Boys & Girls  Grades 3rd-4th  (Division 3)
·         6:15  (ends at 7:00pm) - Boys & Girls  Grades 5th-6th  (Division 2)
·         7:00  (ends at 8:00pm) - Boys & Girls  Grades 7th-8th and girls 9th  (Division 1)
·         8:00  (ends at 8:45pm) - Boys in Grades 9th-12th  (High School BOYS
 ·        Team Assignment: will be distributed to coaches  and announced to players   after coaches meeting (see home page for date of coaches meeting - usually 3rd week in October 
·         Coaches are determined/assigned AFTER evaluations.   If you are interested in volunteering please check the box when registering.
·         Practices: begin week of November 19th. There will be one (1) hour practice each week (weekday evenings) for each team held in a gym but coaches may call an additional practice outside, weather permitting.
·         Games Dates: Begin in December  and continue thru beginning of March (if needed) early season games are played on Saturdays, towards the end some playoff games may occur during the weeks leading up to the championship games. Proposed dates TBD (see home page)

·         Schedules, times and locations: for both practices and games are posted on the site and emailed directly to all email address(s) registered in the system.



Coordinators will be forming teams and securing coaches. If you are a NON-WAIT LISTED kid, you will hear from your coach by the 3rd week in October.  

WAIT LISTED KIDS*: We would strongly advise staying on the wait list until  teams are formed and coaches have confirmed all players are participating. If a player drops between now and team formation, that spot will be filled with the first player on the wait list.  If you are not placed on a team by end of October, your registration fee will be refunded 100% (less $10 processing fee)


****WAIT-LISTED 9th GRADE D1 BOYS and HS BOYS:  We suggest you remain on the wait list until the tryouts for High School teams are over because some kids will make their high school teams and need to drop from their EDHYB team.





1) Each season, during registration, a list detailing  the current  number of available spots on each division will be posted/emailed out. Once capacity is reached in each division, each additional registered player will be placed on a wait list.   

2) If a player is “WAIT LISTED”: YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED via EMAIL and updated when applicable.  As soon as an additional group of 8 players (per division) is reached, another new team will  be formed and added to that division.  Current registered players will be eligible by date registered and paid.

4) "WAIT LISTED" players that do not get placed on a team,  their registration fee will be refunded in full. 

5) PAYMENT: "WAIT LISTED" players NEED to pay the REGISTRATION FEE: If a spot opens up in your division- An UNPAID waitlisted player will not be move off the waitlist until registration has been paid in full. 

6) "WAIT LISTED" players need to EVALUATE.