El Dorado Hills Youth Basketball Inc. is a non-profit youth basketball program based in El Dorado Hills, California. Our mission is to provide an organized basketball program promoting fundamental basketball skills and sportsmanship to boys and girls grad

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QUESTION: Are the teams Co-ed?


QUESTION: How many players are on a team and how many games are there?

ANSWER: We limit the number of players on each team to eight (8) or nine (9) and participants are guaranteed to play a minimum of two periods.  There are 10 regular season games for those divisions with 6 or more teams and 9 games for divisions with only 4 teams, additionally all teams will participate in playoffs.  Every team is in the playoffs and it is possible that your team will have several additional games if they play well and advance in playoffs.

QUESTION: We live in Cameron Park/Folsom/Rescue/Placerville/Shingle Springs, etc.  Can our kid(s) participate?

ANSWER: Yes! The league is not limited to where you live or what school you attend.   We do ask that you honor your commitment to your coaches and attend your practices, games, etc...

QUESTION: The teams skill level seems unbalanced. My son and/or daughter's team is really good/bad. How are the teams made?

ANSWER: We offer four different days for evaluations to be sure to fit everyone's schedule.  At evaluations , the players are judged in various categories by the division coordinators . The division coordinators then add those scores up and begin making the teams. They place one highly rated guard and one highly rated post player on each team, and fill in the rest according to the scores. While not a perfect science, for the past 21 years it has resulted in fairly balanced teams. However, not all players make it to evaluations, which leaves the division coordinator at a disadvantage in placing those kids, and it can upset the balance.  Also, if the players are not attending the practices this can also contribute to teams appearing "unbalanced".

QUESTION: I requested my son and/or daughter to play on a particular team.  I made the request for carpool/social/family reasons.  When the teams were made, it didn't happen.  How come?

ANSWER: Competitive balance is first priority first at EDHYB. EVERY effort is made to accommodate requests, but can't guarantee anything, as the evaluations are the priority.

QUESTION: My son and/or daughter plays soccer/baseball/flag football and they have a set practice time. Why is that not the case with EDHYB?

ANSWER: We are at the mercy of the schools. While they are great in giving us their gyms for Saturday games, the weekly schedule has to fit around the school's basketball/wrestling teams, etc.. Gym space needed for the league is allocated well before league starts and teams are formed.Although it is rare, schools  have double booked their own facilities which directly effects our schedule at the last minute. There are many, many demands for those gyms during the week, and school-related programs come first.   Week to week changes that may occur as we work hard to accommodate our volunteer coaches: some with multiple sports,multiple teams and even coaches that coach in multiple basketball leagues. Some coaches are open to all evenings while other are restricted to only one night a week and sometimes only one time on that night. As the league moves forward in scheduling the coaches availability can change from time to time and I get new requests so I adjust the scheduling as needed to accommodate the new request. For this reason, we typically keep the practice schedule to 2 weeks out. We do everything that we can to insure a good experience for all parties but after you factor in almost 500 players, 800 parents and 60 coaches this becomes a very delicate balancing act and not everyone will be 100% happy with the results.We do the best we can with what they give us.

QUESTION: What is this "Division" stuff?   What grades go with what Divisions?

ANSWER: Division 3 is for 3rd and 4th graders. Division 2 is for 5th and 6th graders. Division 1 is for 7th and 8th graders for the girls and 7th, 8th and 9th graders for the boys. 

QUESTION: My high school son made his high school team? - will the EDHYB registration fee be refunded?

ANSWER:  If  your son makes his High School team, EDHYB will refund your registration fee 100%.

QUESTION: My high school son wants to play EDHYB if he doesn't make his high school team? - Will there be a spot available for him to participate?

ANSWER:  High School boys who intend to try out for their High School Basketball teams are encouraged to register for EDHYB early to secure a spot on a team.  If  your son makes his High School team, EDHYB will refund your registration fee 100% Don't wait until the High School tryouts are over because this division will be full by then!

QUESTION: My middle school son/daughter made their school team? - will the EDHYB registration fee be refunded?

 Typically, although the seasons for middle school and EDHYB may have some overlap, they don't conflict with games as the school games are on weekdays and EDHYB on Saturdays.  EDHYB games start in early December and go to March and the Rolling Hills for example end by mid-December.  If your child will be trying out for and makes it on their middle school team as well as EDHYB, the overlap will last for just a short time.  It is the practices that really may cause some conflict but this is short lived. Our Policy in regards to a refund is to review on case by case basis.